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A little background:

Hi, my name is Rich.

I’ve been in the IT field for roughly a decade, but been screwing around with computers since I was a small child.  In all of this time, I never specialized into any discipline.  I’ve just jumped around from one thing to the next, depending on what was needed at the time.  At one point I thought this lack of specialization would be a hindrance to my professional development. Not many companies want a “jack of all trades, master of none” on their teams, just a bunch of “masters”.

My worldview changed when I started seriously dipping into security.  This is where one can become a “master” by doing a bit of everything.  Systems Administration, Networking, Programming, QA…you have to touch on every facet of the whole picture to determine your security posture.

I anticipate posting about non-security topics from time to time since I’ve got various other interests.

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