Major Poshsec update.

I haven’t had the time to post for quite a while now (just moved into a new house), but I’ve finally got both the time and a fantastic reason to post.

The Poshsec project that I have mentioned before just got a major facelift thanks to Ben0xA. By integrating some ideas he was working on with the goals of Poshsec, we now have the Poshsec Framework.

The Poshsec Framework is a customizable GUI tool which can be equipped with any desired Powershell scripts or modules. This extensibility makes it a very powerful tool, and though it’s designed as a defensive monitoring platform, it can easily be adapted into a pen-testing platform or administration center.

I’m excited by the endless possibilities afforded by this structure. I’ll be contributing to it as much as possible, and I’ve already got a few ideas to work on implementing.


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