In case you were wondering why RIM hasn’t gone out of business yet

One of the big things RIM has had going for it in the smartphone wars was government adoption.  That has been slowly eroding as more and more divisions and departments switch over to iPhones and Android devices.

But Blackberrys are still big within the defense sector, because they have models available with no cameras.

Some facilities do not permit any device that can record images inside, and for good reason….you could end up leaking important information.

Like passwords

Now this instance was actually from a press photo, but the point remains; if you want to keep something secret, don’t leave it around someplace where it can be photographed.  In these days, a photograph is a quick click away from being published to the Internet and available to every connected person in the world.

I’m starting to think those aboriginal cultures that thought a photograph would steal the subject’s sould were on to something.


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