Know thine enemy.

An interesting study was recently performed.

They enumerated the most commonly searched topics in underground hacker forums.

Original report here.

I like this idea a lot. The first step an attacker takes is to gain as much information as possible on the target. As a potential target, it behooves us to collect information on the attackers. Admittedly, in an APT situation (advanced persistent threat), this information isn’t much use, since the attacker is tailoring their methods to the weaknesses in your environment. But this information on what black hats are talking about most is very useful for fending off opportunistic random attacks.

I used to live in a town with a lot of bike theft. Bike thieves could carry around a simple tool to break most chain locks or most U locks. In general they would carry one or the other.
Knowing that information, it was advisable to use both types of lock on your bicycle.

If you close yourself off from being seen as low hanging fruit, you’ll avoid a lot of trouble.


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