Back to blogging

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to post anything, so I’m going to kick start myself, and try to do the whole “post once a day in November” thing. (I’m not going to use a ridiculous acronym that sounds vaguely like a Brooklyn neighborhood)

For this post, I’ve got a few things to mention.

Firstly, if anyone reading this is interested in learning/trying some basic web security and penetration testing, there is a new site up at I’ve taken a quick look at it, and the first few levels are simple enough for anybody to get started. I try to write for the layperson, emphasizing why information security matters to everybody and make it accessible. The natas game is well suited for that same audience.

The second note is that I’ve teamed up with a pair of other security-minded individuals (@mjwcomputing and @pen_test) to contribute to their Poshsec project. The aim is to develop a suite of Powershell modules that can facilitate securing, testing, and forensics in a Windows environment. I am excited to use this opportunity to advance my knowledge of Powershell and improve my security experience. I’ll be posting updates on the project here as we move forward.


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