I’m going to interrupt my usual technical blogging to:

  1. Plug a contest that I’d rather enjoy winning.  Crave Photography ( is running a giveaway, with the top prize being a high quality 85mm lens in either Nikon or Canon mount.
  2. Begin my first non-security post (I have a new security post coming immediately after this one if anyone is interested)*

To stay on topic with the contest, I’ll do this first non-security post on photography.

My wife and I spend a lot of our spare time taking pictures of our children.  My son is nearly three, and my daughter just turned  one.


This makes photographing them very challenging.  To get a crisp image indoors you generally need a shutter speed somewhere north of 1/125.  There are a few ways we have tried to get good pictures with varying amounts of frustration:

  1. Use a direct flash.
    • PROS – lots of light, good shutter speed
    • CONS – can cause harsh shadows and blackout background
  2. Use an indirect flash (bounce behind)
    • PROS – Evenly lights subject and background, good shutter speed
    • CONS – Can add color cast if not bouncing off white surface, some angles cast odd shadows
  3. Use a fast lens wide open
    • PROS – Can utilize natural/available lighting
    • CONS – If shooting close up, the depth of field is unforgivingly small.
  4. Push the ISO to its limits
    • PROS – Can get your ideal shutter and aperture for the shot using natural/available light
    • CONS – depending on the camera, noise in the image may be unacceptable.

I think the next step would be to set up studio lighting, but there is no chance of that happening anytime soon.  Our house is cramped enough as is.

Anyway, I just wanted to post a little something to get started on my photography writing.  I’ll probably add more posts with pictures in the future.


*At the time of writing I have approximately one person reading this blog.  Thanks Will.


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